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We currently offer 494 properties in Spain

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General Information

Our company MIA spol. s r.o. among the others occupies itself with arranging the purchase of the property in Spain. We closely cooperate with two Spanish real estate agencies that proceed in very correct and reliable way.

In case you would decide after consultations with us here in the Czech Republic to visit personally Spain, we van choose for you 10 or more property, which you can personally visit. Our representative will go along with you, in Spain the representative of the Spanish real estate agency.

We Will Ensure...

When agreed we can provide the flight tickets. We use the low budget airline Ryanair with the departure from Bratislava (Slovakia) with direct flight to Alicante. The return tickets varies between 1,500 CZK up to 3,000 CZK.

At the airport of Alicante we have our own car that shall serve for the transport to our property in Benijófar (35 km southwards from the airport) where we can accommodate up to 6 persons. In case the rooms are occupied in the agreed dates we can arrange the accommodation in the nearby hotel.

In case of need we can ensure an interpreter (Spanish – Czech).


The commission for the arrangement of the purchase is paid to our company buy the Spanish partner, i.e. the Czech client pays to our company only the direct costs for the journey of our representative, further the costs for using our vehicle in Spain and the costs for the accommodation in our property.

Costs of the client

  • We charge for the attendance of our representative during the journey to Spain 2,000 CZK per day (journey takes usually 3 days)
  • For the accommodation of one person we charge 500 CZK per night
  • For 1 km with our vehicle in Spain we charge 4 CZK
  • Costs for the interpreter are 20 EUR per 1 hour, on Saturday 30 EUR per 1 hour

These costs are settled in cash before the journey, for the kilometres travelled we ask for advance payment that will be accounted by the end of the journey. The flight tickets for our representative are paid by our company.

In case the client will not demand the presence of our representative, we will ensure all the organization with the Spanish partner.

The purchase of the property is not a common matter and we are ready to provide you full and perfect services for your full satisfaction.

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