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Basic Information

The purchase of a property in Spain is not a difficult deal at all.

After obtaining the identification number of alien „N.I.E“, that could be obtained (with our assistance) at an alien police, a citizen of the EU can conclude purchase contracts for real estate, land etc. For processing and signing the contract it is necessary to have a lawyer that represents the client, guarantees, that the object of the contract is without any complications, that it is not loaded with any burdens, mortgages or other problems. The contract is drawn up and undersigned at Spanish public notary that ensures smooth entry in the evidence of particular municipality and at the land register office as well.

By the signature of the contract of purchase the buyer becomes the owner of the property and he can immediately take over the property and utilize it.

After concluding the contract we can assist the client at assigning the water supply, electricity, at settling the real estate tax etc.

There are certain costs related with the purchase of the property: 6-7 % VAT, depending if the property is a new one, at the new property it is 6%, by the purchase from the third party it is 7%. Costs of the notary are 2% and costs of the lawyer are 1%. The percents are related to the price of the property.

After the purchase of the property we can provide for the client information or advice or we can directly ensure the service of the house, swimming pool or garden during the client’s absence.

More information is provided during the personal dealing.

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